We Exist To Help Radically Transform Radio.

We started Super Hi-Fi with one overarching belief:
that Radio matters.

We kept hearing about all the challenges of the Radio industry, and we wanted to do something about it. So we undertook a mission to contribute to an entirely new ecosystem of opportunities that Radio companies can use to drive new content experiences; reduce operational complexity; lower costs; and grow revenue.

Super Hi-Fi is a Purpose-driven company, and we’re proud to share that Purpose with our customers and partners.

These values define us, and they guide our approach to every choice we make - from the tools we build, to the way we select our partners, to the manner in which we interact with our customers every single day.

our dream

To transform radio together with our customers.


The artistry of radio has enormous value

Radio must evolve to survive and thrive

We can bring hope and opportunity to radio

Excellence is essential to our charge

We only win when our customers win

We are building a movement, not just a product

our Focus

Deliver radical innovation


Unreasonable Hospitality

our Character







Why Do We Focus On AI?

Because it makes all the difference.

Until recently, software was built on a platform of code. But today’s most innovative software is instead built on a layer of meaningful intelligence.

Yesterday’s software was focused on the desktop or mobile application, and at best, was designed to respond to your commands directly.

But today’s modern software uses data, not downloads, and can think for you, can anticipate your needs, and can work alongside you as a force-multiplier for your efforts.

It opens doors of opportunity that seemed like pure magic until just a short time ago.

That’s the power of Artificial Intelligence, and that’s why for us, AI makes all the difference.

Meet Our AI

Super Hi-Fi products and services are completely built on AI. For us, Artificial Intelligence isn’t a buzz word - it’s the heart and soul of our company and woven deeply into the fabric of every part of our platform. In fact, we built and patented our AI platform before we even started building our tools.

Meet the AI technology responsible for powering every single Super Hi-Fi experience:

MagicStitch ™

The first-ever production AI, created to understand and generate fully produced listening experiences with the same capability as a top-tier radio DJ or world-class audio engineer.

MagicStitch is the under-the-hood secret that powers countless radio experiences today, generating almost 2 billion monthly production decisions.

Production decisions


A totally unique content selection and insertion AI. Automatically transforms music playlists into dynamic, compelling audio experiences rich with imaging, voice tracks, and advertising.

Conductor is like a power tool for radio programmers, threaded throughout the Super Hi-Fi platform to make it so much faster and easier to build amazing listening experiences.



Our music scheduling and rotation AI. Built from the ground up to accurately model decades of radio scheduling expertise, literally in real-time. Composer solves the problem that so many radio programmers have, where they spend more time getting the proper music log to schedule than they do curating the music in the first place.

With Composer, all of the heavy lifting of scheduling the music log is totally automatic, letting music experts focus exclusively on what they love doing best.

years of programming