Voicetrack Fusion

Powerful Voice
Tracking for Radio.
Radically Simple Workflow.

Introducing Voicetrack Fusion, the pure evolution of voice tracking for radio.

Built right inside of Program Director™, Voicetrack Fusion brings together every aspect of the recording, production and shift management process for your voice tracked radio stations.
All in a completely reimagined user interface that works the way you do.

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Schedule Voice Tracks Directly Inside Clocks and Show Episodes

Say goodbye to multiple systems for voice track management. Voicetrack Fusion connects the dots between your clocks and voice tracks in one game-changing application.

Schedule Your Voice Tracks

Just start by adding innovative Voice Track Shells directly to a radio station clock or show episode, so they can auto-schedule right into your music logs.

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Powerful Syndications

Each scheduled Voice Track Shell can be Network for global feeds, or Local for individual localized syndications. With just a click.

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Easily Create Automated Alternates

Add almost any content item as an Alternate, so if your talent misses their assigned voice track, the system will select the item and auto generate a fully-produced, voice-free alternate segue. With no human intervention required.

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Talent and Shift Management Built Right In

Voicetrack Fusion manages every detail of the voice tracking assignment process, so managers can spend less time on their team and more time making great radio.

Schedule On-Air Shifts

Voicetrack Fusion makes it easy to configure and schedule shifts for your entire staff through an intuitive calendar-based interface.

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Automatically Create Jobs

Voicetrack Fusion’s sophisticated scheduling engine auto-generates jobs for each voice talent in order to ensure that every shift is filled.

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Smart Notifications

All team members are automatically notified of new jobs directly through text and email, so they’re always on top of their work.

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Monitor Job Progress

Track your team’s progress in real-time, with quick-review tools for all assignments, and percentage completion for every shift.

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There’s Never Been A Voice Tracking Console Quite LIke This

Voicetrack Fusion is a new generation of voice tracking tools - beautifully designed to make voice tracking incredibly intuitive and surprisingly fun.

Powerful Recording Console

Choose your input, test your levels, and start recording. Voicetrack Fusion’s browser-based console makes it dead-simple to record your voice tracks. No fiddling or fuss required.

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Browser-Based Editing

Voicetrack Fusion provides simple trimming and editing tools right in the recording window, so you can make adjustments quickly and focus on what’s next.

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Simple Music Preview Tools

One-click playback of song tails and heads, along with pre-calculated post timings displayed right on the screen.

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Beautified Music Log

The entire music log is displayed on a visually stunning horizontal layout. Fully graphical, with dynamic scrolling and razor-sharp album art right at your fingertips.

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Automated Production

Super Hi-Fi’s platform automatically places your voice track and fully produces all of the elements of your segue, so it will all sit perfectly in the mix and you’ll always hit the post with no manual timing adjustments… ever.

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VoiceIQ Mastering

Every voice track is automatically uploaded and mastered with VoiceIQ, Super Hi-Fi’s revolutionary AI-powered voice track mastering tool. So all of your voice tracks sound amazing when they hit the air.

Learn More About VoiceIQ

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Automagical Music Beds

Say goodbye to dead-air under long voiceovers. Voicetrack Fusion creates perfect instrumental music beds on the fly - built and looped from the upcoming track itself - and seamlessly stitches them directly into the song ramp. It’s electrifying. And effortless.

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Spectral Ducking

A true advancement in voice track sound quality, Voicetrack Fusion applies real-time Dynamic Multi-Frequency Adaptation to carve the perfect sonic landscape for your voice tracks to shine. More intelligible voice tracks. Louder music. Better radio.

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Introducing The All-Powerful ‘Next’ Button

Voicetrack Fusion lines up every job for you in order - laid out on an incredible graphical interface - so you can knock out a day’s worth of jobs in minutes. When you’re done with your recording, just click Next, and Voicetrack Fusion does the rest: automatically uploading your audio and bringing you right to the next job. There’s never been an easier way to voice track.

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