Great Sounding Radio Starts With Great Sounding Voices.

Introducing VoiceIQ™, the first-ever AI-powered voice-track mastering and post-production tool that takes any recorded voice and up-levels it to incredible broadcast quality.

Broadcast-Quality Voice Tracks.
Every Single Time.

VoiceIQ is a cloud-based AI that automatically prepares and delivers perfectly produced voice tracks that sound like they were hand-edited and mastered by a world-class audio engineer. VoiceIQ removes background noise, tone-matches to your custom reference standard, eliminates plosives and clipping, optimizes the dynamic range, and much more.

Hear It For Yourself.

Check out these examples of VoiceIQ in action, and hear how our solution will significantly enhance the overall quality of your voice tracks.

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Fully Automated Production

VoiceIQ automates the entire workflow for editing and mastering your voice track and creates outputs that are virtually indistinguishable from using an existing manual editing and mastering process.

Advanced Processing

VoiceIQ uses advanced AI technology to automatically apply noise reduction, trim silence, fix equalization and dynamic range issues, normalize volume and much more. The result? Broadcast-quality audio without the need for a professional sound engineer.

Custom Voice Profiles

Choose from one of 14 default voice profiles to generate consistently mastered voice tracks, or generate your own custom profile for each DJ with a two minute sample of produced audio to ensure a unique and consistent audio signature for your recordings.

Speech Segmentation

VoiceIQ can extract multiple voices from a single audio file - an artist interview for instance - independently masters each voice according to your profile selection, and reassembles them automatically to make them sound amazing.

Remote Friendly Recording

VoiceIQ generates more consistent sounding recordings for remote talent where equipment and location might vary.

Easy Workflow Integration

Upload your raw, unprocessed voice tracks to the Super Hi-Fi platform, connect your existing workflow to our APIs, or set up a simple file drop point and let VoiceIQ take care of the rest in near real-time.