StreamPlayer 1

Rock Solid Transmitter Playout.

Introducing StreamPlayer 1, our set-and-forget transmitter playout device that automatically configures itself and always keeps your stations on air.

Radically Simple Broadcast Playout

StreamPlayer 1 is a highly-reliable, low-cost playout device for FM and HD Radio broadcasts that lives at your transmitter site. It’s designed in partnership with Barix to receive and broadcast Super Hi-Fi’s HLS+ streams. And it automatically generates and caches back-up programming so your station is always on the air, even if the internet drops out.

StreamPlayer 1 integrates perfectly with Super Hi-Fi’s Program Director, and it’s the simplest way to run a high-quality broadcast operation from almost anywhere.

Plug and Play Away

Simply plug into power, wire to the internet, and connect to your station's playout systems. StreamPlayer 1 configures itself and begins streaming automatically, so you’re always broadcast-ready.

Highly Reliable Delivery

Never worry about the internet again. If it goes out, your station continues broadcasting a fully-produced fallback program that’s regularly refreshed and always up to date.

Robust Metadata Support

StreamPlayer 1 supports RDS, HD Radio and DAB/DAB+ metadata formats. It’s also fully compatible with Quu and Aim Rapid, so your stations will look as great on screens as they sound over the air.

High-Quality Hardware

StreamPlayer 1 is built in partnership with Barix, the global leader in Audio-Over-IP hardware.  It’s a high-quality device designed to integrate perfectly with Super Hi-Fi’s HLS+ streaming technology and delivers consistent, excellent performance under any circumstance.

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