Program Director™

Make Amazing Radio In Minutes.

Introducing Program Director™, the world’s first AI-powered operating system for building and scaling amazing radio.

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Powerful Playlisting

Build playlists just like you would in your favorite music service - quickly search, then just drag and drop your tracks and leverage advanced AI-based recommendations, all built right in.

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Smart Rotations

Program your stations by using dynamic clocks that intelligently sequence your music playlists and content selections, so you can quickly shape the sound of your stations and ensure they always sound fresh.

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Daypart Scheduling

Schedule dayparts in a modern graphical calendar view, so you can easily program drive time in the morning and high energy sets after lunch.

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Show Creation

Simplify your show production workflow by selecting songs from your catalog in a specific order, dragging in your voice tracks, and mixing down your entire show with the click of a button.

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Automated Production

When your station programming is done, just let Super Hi-Fi’s MagicStitch AI take over - you’ll get a 24/7 radio station with perfect segues, volume leveling, tasteful content mixing and automated mastering without ever sitting at the console again. 

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All Your Media In One Place

Easily browse and sample all of the music, sound effects and voice tracks from any of your radio stations, in one simple web-based interface that all of your programmers from any of your stations can access.

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Built-In Musicologist

Explore deep audio insights across hundreds of sonic attributes for your entire music catalog - it’s like having the world’s most advanced musicologist built right inside your workflow.

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Catalog De-Duplication

Simplify your catalog by automatically grouping identical, nearly identical, or very similar songs so you can stop managing multiple versions of the same track in your catalog.

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Smart Folders

Create powerful filters that group your voice tracks and imaging across a wide range of customizable criteria, so you can program your smart folders and let the AI select the content that works best for each moment.

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Voicetrack Fusion

Built right inside of Program Director, Voicetrack Fusion brings together every aspect of the recording, production and shift management process for your voice tracked radio stations.

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Fully-integrated catalogs

Upload your own music or leverage our integrations with the most popular music catalog providers available, like I Like Music, 7Digital, Tuned Global and more.

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Choose Any Format

Select your preferred codec and quality level, then choose your delivery format using HLS, Icecast or even RTMP and let Super Hi-Fi handle the rest.


Multiple Time Zones

Want your afternoon drive show to play every weekday from 3 to 6pm in every timezone?  Program Director lets you generate the same programming with unique endpoints for each time zone with a simple click.

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Localized Branding

Program Director makes it easy to deliver the same core programming with unique branding and station IDs for each market, so you can scale your programming efforts across all of your stations in any location.

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Detailed Logs And Reports

Easily view what the AI has scheduled to play, and generate detailed spins reports anytime you need them.

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Streaming Delivery

Built-in connectivity to the most widely used content delivery networks and streaming solution providers, like Streamguys, AWS, Akamai, and many more.

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Ad Traffic Integration

Compatible with numerous ad traffic systems and fully integrated with programmatic ad networks right out of the box.

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Amazing Sound Built Right In

Program Director includes MixBus, an advanced DSP mastering solution built right into your workflow for perfect audio preparation.  It offers fully programmable compression, limiting, stereo enhancement, equalization, analog saturation, and an amazing spectral ducking capability to deliver the ultimate radio sound experience.

Program Director also includes VoiceIQ™, an AI-powered voice mastering and post-production technology that takes voice tracks recorded anywhere and up-levels them to broadcast quality; automatically removing background noise, eliminating plosives and clipping, creating consistent and clear equalization, optimizing the dynamic range, and much, much more.

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Intelligent And Intuitive

The Super Hi-Fi platform utilizes next generation agents in the background to constantly monitor your efforts and automate support for you at literally every touchpoint.

Thoughtful Design

Our software is designed to feel even more modern and responsive than the music services you use every day, so your programming team will feel right at home and be up and running in no time.

Blazing Fast

Our tools are designed with speed as a core principle, so you can search your catalog with blazing fast APIs, browse through your schedules without any lag or loading dialogs and manage playlists nearly instantaneously.

Completely Modular

Nearly every capability of Program Director can be accessed via our modern, modular APIs, so you can add capabilities like show production, automatic segues, volume leveling or even search and recommendations into your own custom software or existing programming tools and workflow.

Even More Features To Explore

Program Director is packed with incredible features and tools to help you create radio experiences with efficiency and scale that you can barely imagine and new features ship every single week. Radio programming will never be the same.

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